For New York couples, there are several paths to obtaining permanent legal custody of a child. One approach is adoption, where the birth parents terminate their parental rights.

Making Your Dream Of Adopting A Child A Reality

There are essentially three kinds of adoptions:

  • Private adoptions, where prospective parents adopt a child whom they have found independently, or where one spouse adopts their stepchild.
  • Agency adoptions, in which an agency finds the child for the prospective parents.
  • Foreign Adoptions, which occur in state courts, after a child has been adopted in a foreign country.

Each kind of adoption carries its own legal challenges, often involving both federal and state law. We have the experience to guide you through the entire process with ease. We take proactive steps to protect you from potential custody disputes that may arise after the adoption process. Our objective is to attend to the legal details so that you are free to start your new family.

Contact An Experienced Adoption Attorney

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