Understanding No-Fault Divorce

Since 2010, no-fault divorce has been available to couples in New York. This option allows one party to initiate divorce proceedings even against the other’s wishes. A party needs only to characterize the marriage as irretrievably broken for the past six months in the filing.

Maximizing Your Time

One rationale behind no-fault divorce is economical. A party is spared the expense of proving justification or blame for the divorce. Yet without an experienced attorney’s guidance, divorce litigation may quickly eat up those savings.

Offering A Full Spectrum Of Litigation Styles

Absent circumstances such as domestic violence or fraudulent hiding of marital assets, we generally attempt an expeditious and amicable dissolution. Any agreements you reach with your spouse can be presented to the court for approval. Although the court will review these proposals under applicable law, such as equitable considerations or the best interest of the child standard, they generally save you time, money and additional heartache.

If necessary, however, attorney Jay S. Baum also knows how to aggressively litigate a divorce case. If your spouse refuses to participate in settlement discussions, we will aggressively utilize discovery techniques to gather evidence and prepare for trial.

Contact An Experienced No-Fault Divorce Attorney

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