Spousal Support

Some divorce situations warrant alimony (“maintenance”) discussions. This examination is often equitable in nature. For example, a spouse may have made substantial non-financial contributions to the marital estate, sacrificed a career to raise children or supported the other spouse through school and the launching of a new profession. In these situations, the alimony award provides the caregiver spouse with the time and resources to regain their financial footing, perhaps resuming their own education and career.

Determining Reasonableness

There is no single rule of what may be equitable or reasonable under the circumstances. The court may look at each spouse’s relative earning ability, physical and emotional conditions, educational background and employment history. A court may also consider the length of a marriage, each spouse’s assets and debts, the lifestyle maintained during the marriage and retirement benefits.

After determining that one spouse should pay alimony, the court may also require that spouse to maintain a life insurance policy as a way to guarantee that he or she will make the payments. A variety of laws and regulations may apply to that arrangement.

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