Understanding Child Custody

Child custody issues not only involve the interests of both parents, but those of the child. The interests of each parent may differ, but the important thing is to ensure that that child is able to continue a positive relationship with each parent. When parents keep the best interests of their child as a priority, they usually are able to reach a custody arrangement. Of course, if a parent has any questions about whether an arrangement is fair, an experienced divorce attorney will know the full options available under the law.

At the law office of Jay S. Baum, our goal is to help you identify and achieve your full child custody, visitation and parenting time rights. Our clients frequently express fear of becoming “weekend parents.” We have fought for the rights of thousands of parents to be as involved as they would like in the lives and upbringing of their children after their divorce is finalized.

Dedicated To Fighting For Your Custody And Visitation Rights

When determining child custody, visitation and parenting time questions, the courts take into account the best interest of the child. Frequent questions are: Who is the primary caretaker? Who is the child emotionally attached to? Who is better equipped to provide a stable and nurturing environment?

Issues relating to drug and alcohol abuse and domestic violence can also arise. No matter what the circumstances of your situation, we can meet with you, discuss your concerns and goals, and work with you to devise a strategy to pursue your objectives and create family arrangements that will best benefit your child.

Experienced Child Custody And Visitation Modification Attorney

We are also experienced in pursuing modification of child custody and visitation arrangements. Child custody, visitation and parenting times are not set forever. If the parent/child relationship changes, the child is struggling in school, or a parent wants to relocate or is abusing drugs or alcohol, then we can work to modify arrangements to better serve the child and the needs of the parents.

First and foremost, a parenting plan should contain a basic or regular cycle — the routine that parents follow in the absence of special days like holidays or other exceptions. A common length of the cycle — before it starts repeating — is two weeks, although some parents may prefer a monthly or longer cycle. Other cycles should be developed for vacations, holidays and special events.

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Absent a showing to the contrary, you have the right to remain involved in the upbringing of your children after your divorce is finalized. We will protect your parental rights. To learn more, call our State Island office at 347-201-5884 to schedule a free initial consultation. You may also complete our online contact form.