Divorce And Children

In the past 30 years at the law office of Jay S. Baum, we have represented over 3,000 families in New York state and New Jersey. We have firsthand experience with the powerful emotions that surface when a divorce involves minor children. Indeed, issues dealing with minor children are among the most difficult aspects of a divorce. Fortunately, we have the experience to offer a variety of litigation styles and propose creative solutions.

Determining Child Support

Although child support is typically calculated according to formal legal guidelines, the parties may be able to agree upon other aspects of the parenting arrangement. Child custody and visitation arrangements, for example, offer flexibility. In most cases, the best interest of the child is served by involving both parents.

Exploring Child Custody Arrangements

Children benefit from a strong network of emotional support. Finding that balance is the goal of families and our family law firm alike. In the past 30 years, we have seen a shift in legal presumptions favoring the mother as the primary caregiver. Today, the law is gender-neutral. A New York family court typically orders joint child custody arrangements, where both parents share legal decision-making responsibility for a minor child. Even with joint legal custody, one parent may have primary physical custody. Alternatively, a court may also order sole legal custody if it serves the child’s best interest.

Devising Flexible Visitation Plans

Creating a comprehensive visitation or parenting plan is well worth the investment, as it may avoid problems down the road. In addition, the decreased hostility between parents creates a healthier environment for children, who otherwise may feel conflicted or have divided loyalty between battling ex-spouses.

We also have the experience to approach child custody disputes with skill and professionalism. In the case of child custody disputes, additional expert testimony from child psychologists may be required, as well as getting input from children who are old enough to testify.

Contact An Experienced Child Custody And Child Support Attorney

Absent a showing to the contrary, you have the right to remain involved in the upbringing of your children after your divorce is finalized. We will protect your parental rights. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling our State Island office at 347-201-5884. You may also complete our online contact form.