Child Support

Regardless of marital status, both parents have an obligation to financially support their minor children. In the case of divorced parents, a non-custodial parent is typically required to make periodic payments to help compensate a child’s living expenses. When parents share joint custody, that child support obligation will be shared. The court determines that amount through a mathematical formula.

Nonetheless, parents have some “room to maneuver” in proceedings and disputes involving the determination of child support payment amounts. For instance:

  • Has interest and investment income been accounted for?
  • Is one of the parents receiving money from a family member?
  • Have annual bonuses and overtime pay been included in income calculations?
  • Is one of the parents moonlighting, and, if so, has he or she reported the additional income?
  • Can income be imputed to the noncustodial parent?
  • Has the income of the noncustodial parent been artificially inflated by virtue of a one-time-only bonus or retroactive pay?

At the family law office of Jay S. Baum, we have handled over 3,000 divorce cases and have helped families across New York and New Jersey fight for and win fair child support payments.

Helping Families And Parents Pay And Receive Fair And Affordable Child Support Payments In New York And New Jersey

If you anticipate being the custodial parent and receiving child support payments, we can work to ensure that the full income of the noncustodial parent is brought to the court’s attention, so that the child support you receive is fair. If you anticipate paying child support, we can work to ensure that your monthly payments are in the best interest of your child and that they are fair and affordable.

We also handle cases involving the modification of child support. In today’s economy, a parent may experience financial troubles that make it difficult to keep up with child support payment obligations. A substantial change in income, the medical or financial needs of your child, a relocation, or other factors may justify a modification to the child support arrangements.

Finally, the government has some power to collect child support on behalf of single parents, including garnishing paychecks and intercepting tax refunds. We have helped clients seek court enforcement of child support obligations.

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