3 benefits of seeking a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Divorce

The notion of divorcing late in your life or after decades of marriage might feel daunting to you. Perhaps it even seems pointless or like it is more hassle and cost than it is worth.

It is true that there can be challenges to late-life or “gray” divorce. For some people, the challenge of splitting up assets and retirement accounts may instill doubt about trying to rebuild at this stage of life. For other people, fear of loneliness may inhibit them from taking a new path no matter how unhappy they are on their current one.

That said, gray divorce can also have its benefits. Whatever your age, you may have a lot of years ahead of you that you want to spend happily. If you have been thinking about divorce for a long time but have concerns about consequences, consider some of the ways it could improve your future.

1. Eliminating unhappy ties

While fear of being alone is a valid concern, miserable relationships can create their own kind of loneliness. Moreover, feeling constant stress and negativity in your marriage may be taking a toll on your health and longevity.

2. Embracing new freedoms

You and your spouse may have grown apart in your interests or activity levels. Perhaps your marriage has even made you feel like financial, geographical or other constraints prevent you from living the full life you desire.

Seeking independence may launch a greater level of adventure you formerly could not engage in. You may be able to travel more or to try a career about which you and your spouse do not presently see eye to eye.

3. Discovering satisfying connections

Letting go of a relationship that has not been working for a long time can make room for one that you find more fulfilling. Not only can you seek a partner who will bring you the joy you have been missing, but the right companion may share your renewed desire to explore life, too.