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When pursuing reasonable, affordable and fair spousal support payments during divorce, each spouse, whether as the payee or payor, must work with the family courts' criteria, which attempt to balance one spouse's financial needs against the other spouse's ability to pay.

Courts decide spousal support, which in New York is called maintenance, rather than alimony, on a case-by-case basis, taking into account factors which are set forth by law and include:

  • The income of the respective parties
  • The length of the marriage
  • The parties' ages
  • The earning capacity of each spouse
  • The presence of children in the home of the party seeking spousal maintenance

Despite the inflexible nature of court spousal support payment criteria, individuals can work with family law attorneys to pursue the spousal support payments or that best match their goals.

For instance, if you are to receive maintenance, we can work to identify your spouse's unreported income, and argue for an amount that will ensure your prior lifestyle will be maintained.

If you are to pay maintenance (commonly called alimony), we can work to ensure that the court is aware of the financial pressures you face, and elements regarding your marriage and spouse that may result in a lowering of the payments you will need to make each month.

Courts are most responsive to requests from parties that are realistic, and provide the opportunity for fair household budgets for each spouse. By establishing and maintaining credibility with the courts, attorneys and divorcing individuals can increase the possibility of a favorable outcome.

Attorney Jay Baum of the family law offices of Jay S. Baum has handled over 3,000 family law cases in New York state and New Jersey, and provides experienced spousal support legal services. We also handle spousal support modification in the event that circumstances regarding financial resources or needs change.


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