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The term "prenuptial agreement" often conjures up thoughts of wealthy celebrities and gold-digging spouses. In fact, prenuptial agreements are very practical documents that can save couples significant time, cost and stress.

There are two reasons most people enter into prenuptial agreements. The first is the "classic" reason — to protect assets in the event of a divorce. Many people with substantial assets feel that marriage should not entail the handing over of half their assets in the event that the marriage ends.

The second reason often occurs in second or third marriages when the spouse with marriage's primary assets dies first. If a spouse dies, the assets they brought to the marriage will likely be inherited by the surviving spouse. Prenuptial agreements can designate that assets go to the children from the first and/or second marriage, and to others as determined by agreement.

If you are getting married in New York or New Jersey, consider the advantages that a prenuptial agreement can offer. A prenuptial agreement can offer both spouses financial security, allowing them to concentrate on the love and affection that originally led them into marriage. In addition to designating asset ownership in advance, prenuptial agreements can also save couples vast sums by avoiding expensive property distribution litigation in the even of a divorce.

Attorney Jay Baum of the family law offices of Jay S. Baum has handled thousands of family law proceedings and written and reviewed countless prenuptial agreements. We have seen firsthand the heartache, confusion and expense that can result from not drafting a prenuptial agreement.


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