Staten Island Family Law Appeals Attorney

When a Court makes a decision in family law litigation, if you are unhappy with your results and believe that the court acted improperly or erred, it is often possible to appeal your case. Cases are appealed in a higher court called an appellate court or the Appellate Division. Appellate courts operate under separate rules, exist for a different purpose, and approach cases from a different prospective.

Appellate courts do not "redo" cases from scratch. Instead, they review how the court process was conducted. If, for instance, the lower court judge made a legal error, took into account something that should have been left out, or disregarded facts that should have been incorporated into a decision, your lower court judgment may be reversed.

Family law case appeals are often costly and time-consuming, and are always confusing to conduct without an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer will work with appellate courts' strict time limits for filing a notice of appeal, can guide individuals and families through the confusing appellate court processes, provide counsel and fully handle, argue and expedite your case.

Attorney Jay Baum has handled thousands of family law cases, and has appealed numerous cases, both for cases he has handled and for lower court cases handled by other lawyers. If you are unhappy with your lower court ruling, or have questions regarding appealing your family law case, contact the family law offices of Jay S. Baum, for full appellate court representation.


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