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America's divorce rate is high and extremely well-publicized. Often lost in this publicity is another option for ending a divorce — civil annulment proceedings.

Civil annulment is the legal procedure by which a court renders a marriage to have never existed. Annulments are generally granted on the basis of fraud, the most common of which is deceiving one's intended spouse about a willingness to have children. Other grounds for annulment include:

  • Immigration fraud
  • Incurable mental illness for five years or more
  • One of the spouses being under the age of consent, or was already married to someone else
  • Marriage fraud
  • One of the spouses lied to the other spouse about their willingness to have children
  • One of the spouses was forced to marry
  • The spouses were related

Civil annulments differ from church annulments. Church annulment and civil annulments do not affect each other, so that civil annulments have no bearing on a couple's church status and church annulments have no bearing on a couple's legal status.

If you are interested in learning more about civil annulments, lawyer Jay Baum of the family law offices of Jay S. Baum can help. Mr. Baum has handled numerous civil annulments in both New York state and New Jersey.


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