Staten Island Adoption Lawyer

In a legal field defined by conflict, difficult decisions and emotional challenges, the adoption process stands out as a positive beginning and a joyful time. Though legal challenges can be daunting, the benefits and joys of adoption are endless. At the family law offices of Jay S. Baum we can help you navigate domestic and international adoption laws and add to your family through adoption.

There are essentially three kinds of adoptions:

  • Private adoptions, where prospective parents adopt a child whom they have found independently, or where one spouse adopts their stepchild.
  • Agency adoptions, in which an agency finds the child for the prospective parents.
  • Foreign Adoptions, which occurs in State Courts, after a child has been adopted in a foreign country.

Each kind of adoption carries its own legal challenges and, in each case, the adoption lawyer counsels and guides clients through the entire process.

At the family law offices of Jay S. Baum we have handled thousands of family law cases, including numerous adoption cases. Attorney Jay Baum has worked exclusively in family law since 1982, and can handle all legal challenges relating to the adoption of your child.

We can handle and attend hearing appearances, and assist in dealing with federal and state laws, both in New Jersey and New York. We can litigate and work to prevent custody disputes that can arise after the adoption process. And we can handle your domestic adoption process when you return from overseas; it is highly advisable to conduct both a domestic and foreign adoption if your child was born outside of the United States.


If you have questions regarding adoption law, contact the Law Offices of Jay S. Baum. We are available for weekend and evening appointments, accept credit cards and are located in the heart of New Dorp opposite the New Dorp train station. To contact us, call 718-980-5200.