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Staten Island Family Law Attorney

New York — New Jersey

At the Law Offices of Jay S. Baum we handle all family law legal issues faced by families in New York and New Jersey. Lawyer Jay Baum has handled over 3,000 family law cases since 1982, including cases involving:

  • Divorce: including contested and uncontested divorce and the distribution of marital property.
  • Custody, Visitation and Parenting Time: We can help you avoid becoming a "weekend parent." We have handled hundreds of custody and visitation cases in New York and New Jersey.
  • Domestic Violence: You should not have to live in fear. We can request an order of protection or temporary order of protection to protect you and your children from abuse. If you are falsely accused of domestic violence, we can help you.
  • Child Support: We help custodial parents receive the child support judgment they need and deserve, and assist noncustodial parents in obtaining payments they can afford, and that will allow them to create a healthy home during their parenting time. We also handle child support modifications.
  • Separation Agreements: We negotiate and prepare separation agreements for our clients, and review agreements for individual clients that were drafted by attorneys for their spouses.
  • Prenuptial Agreements: Prenuptial agreements can lessen marital stress, save money, and allow parents to allot inheritance funds to children from previous marriages.
  • Annulments: We can counsel you on the advisability of a marriage annulment based on immigration fraud, other fraud, and other applicable situations.
  • Spousal Support: We work with our clients both to identify and pursue reasonable, affordable and sufficient support payments, and to litigate for support in court. In addition, we handle spousal support modifications.
  • Adoption: We handle private and agency adoptions, international and domestic adoptions, and domestic re-adoptions for children from overseas.
  • Appeals: If you are unhappy with the results of your family law proceedings, we can provide counsel and full legal services regarding appealing your judgment or Order to the Appellate Division.


If you have questions regarding family law in the States of New York or New Jersey, contact the Law Offices of Jay S. Baum. We are available for weekend and evening appointments, accept credit cards and are located in the heart of New Dorp opposite the New Dorp train station. To contact the Law Offices of Jay S. Baum, Esq., call 718-980-5200.